Info about and how to subscribe to AWCC

February 18, 2007


AWCC is an international list for Anglican/Episcopalian women no matter where they are on their journey of spiritual growth.

Susan Sandford from Australia writes that “AWCCer’s can be found all around the globe. We’re always expanding our knowledge and awareness of each other’s cultures and traditions …” AWCC has been described by subscribers as a “welcoming and safe place to … grow spiritually, learn about theology/church history/prayer and meditation; give-receive support and more!

AWCCer’s come from all over the world. We invite you to join us! There’s always room in our CyberCircleChat for another. 😉

Sounds great!  How do I join?

Go to:   and follow the subscribe instructions.

We look forward to having you among us.  😉

Appreciation is extended to the Episcopal Church of the United States, Women in Mission and Ministry (WIMM) and especially Eleanor Smith who designed the above ‘women dancing in a circle’ graphic for permission to use the graphic.